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Cronkley Fell, Upper Teesdale

Sunday 25 June, 11.00am

We will cross the Tees to Cronkley Farm, then over Cronkley Fell to Thistle Green. This is a moderately strenuous fell day covering a total of 7-8 miles. It is a good date to see the two main Cronkley ‘specials’, Hoary Rock Rose Helianthemum canum in its endemic subspecies and Mountain Avens Dryas octopetala in flower. Several of the other Teesdale rarities occur, including Yorkshire Milkwort Polygala amarellaa and we will look for the stemless variety of Birdseye Primrose Primula farinosa which is only found here.

Meet at the lay-by car-park on the B6277 at Forest-in Teesdale (NY868298). You will need lunch, boots and wet
weather clothing.