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Can cities save bees? Insights from the Urban Pollinators Project. Talk by Dr Mark Goddard

Friday 2 October, 7pm-8pm
Great North Museum: Hancock

There has been much concern about the decline of bees and other pollinators in recent years. The Urban Pollinators Project was set up to explore the importance of urban habitats for pollinators and asks three main research questions: (i) How does pollinator biodiversity in towns and cities compare to that of nature reserves and farmland? (ii) Where are the hot-spots of pollinator biodiversity in cities? (iii) What can we do to improve pollinator diversity and abundance in cities? In his talk Mark will discuss the results of the project and the implications for how we manage our urban green spaces to make cities more pollinator-friendly.

Mark Goddard is researcher at Newcastle University studying biodiversity on urban land. He has been working on nature conservation for over 10 years. Before coming to Newcastle, Mark worked on pollinators in urban environments at the University of Leeds.