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Butterflies & Books

Talk, 7-8pm. Great North Museum:Hancock.

This year should see the publication of a major review of the butterflies of Northumberland and Durham, so it is perhaps a good opportunity to look back at butterflies in books through history.

The Society’s library has 137 items with the word ‘butterflies’ in the title. By taking a quick tour through these, and others that we don’t have, we will see how butterflies have been portrayed in natural history literature and art over the past 500 years. We can also allow ourselves a brief celebration of some North-East Lepidopterists. One of the highlights of the evening will include a chance to inspect some of the fine illustrated works given to the Society by W.C. Hewitson.

Leslie Jessop is Chairman of the Society’s Library Committee and a former entomologist at the Natural History Museum in London.