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Britain's rarest orchids

Talk, 7-8pm. Great North Museum:Hancock.

Some of the most attractive orchids we have in this country are also the rarest. Several are restricted to a handful of localities in the south-east of England, on the edge of their European range. They include, for example, the manikin orchids (Military, Monkey and Lady) and Lizard Orchid as well as two of our four species of bee orchids. Further north, the Lindisfarne Helleborine is restricted to Holy Island and in Scotland, the Hebridean Marsh Orchid only occurs on North Uist, with a recent foray onto Berneray. These and others, including the Ghost Orchid and Lady’s Slipper Orchid, will be the subject of this talk.

Dr Colin Scrutton developed his interest in wild orchids following his retirement from the Department of Earth Sciences at Durham University. He and his wife Angela travel widely to find and photograph orchids in temperate and Mediterranean environments across the World.