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Beached birds, fulmars and pollution in the North Sea

Talk, 7-8pm. Great North Museum:Hancock.

It is over 10 years since the Northeast England Beached Bird Survey (NEBBS) Group began collecting data on bird species that wash up on our shore. This work includes the collection of beach-washed Fulmar corpses to determine the extent and impact of pollution in the North Sea. The ‘Save the North Sea’ Fulmar project involves all North Sea bordering countries. Dan has attended several international Fulmar workshops in The Netherlands and has been trained to perform necropsies. He will outline some of the methods and findings of the beach surveys and Fulmar analysis and what they can tell us about the health of our marine environment.

Tyneside ornithologist Dan Turner has a particular interest in seabirds and coastal species. He co-ordinates the Wetland Bird Surveys for coastal Northumberland and since instigating the NEBBS Group in 2003, he has coordinated the volunteers on their monthly surveys.