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Antarctic glaciers and global warming – The view from space

Ross Sea Glaciers

Illustrated talk by Professor Chris Stokes

Friday 11 November, 7-8pm

Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle NE2 4PT.

Climate change – specifically ‘global warming’ – poses a major threat to the world’s glaciers, with potentially serious implications for hundreds of millions of people around the world who live in coastal areas. Antarctica hosts the largest mass of ice on the planet (27 million km3), which is enough to raise global sea level by almost 60 metres. Professor Stokes will provide an up-to-date and accessible overview of how global warming is affecting Antarctic glaciers, emphasising that although they are remote, they are having, and will continue to have, profound effects on human activity throughout the world.

Chris Stokes is a professor in the Department of Geography at Durham University. His research is focused on glaciers, and ranges from the monitoring of small mountain glaciers over the last few decades to large-scale reconstructions of ice sheets over tens of thousands of years.