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A photographic tour of the distinctive National Vegetation Classification types in the wilder parts of the North East by Dr Dave Mitchell

Friday 20th March, 7-8pm

Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle

The North East is blessed with a diverse array of landscapes, each made up of broad habitats such as grassland, wetland, woodland and so on. Within each broad habitat, distinctive groups of plant species occur together, time and time again, to form recognisable vegetation types which are described in the British National Vegetation Classification (NVC). There are woodlands within woodlands, grasslands within grasslands, etc. such that the area is made up of a patchwork quilt of many vegetation types. These remain a mystery to many naturalists, and because the published books on the subject are very technical, this talk will take a photographic approach to recognising them. In fact Dr Mitchell has been developing a simple visual ‘app’, which he will illustrate, for mobile phone\tablet computer to aid the identification of NVC communities and sub-communities in the field. He will describe some of the more localised, fragile and distinctive vegetation types in the wilder parts of Northumbria.

Dr Dave Mitchell is Natural England’s Regulation and Enforcement Officer for specially protected sites in the North East. He is a qualified plant ecologist with a particular interest in the region’s vegetation. He developed a passion for the National Vegetation Classification whilst undertaking his PhD research 20 years ago and enjoys trying to make this subject more accessible to a wider audience.