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1829 Talk: Pollinators in the city – are foreign flowers the future?

Friday 17 January, 18.29-18.45, Newcastle University – Ridley Building 2, room RIDB2.1.65

with Shannon Goldberg, Northumbria University

Pollinators play an invaluable role in our ecosystem by providing services for reproduction in both wildflowers and crops. The growth of urbanisation in recent years has led to a loss of pollinator biodiversity and this, in part, is down to a lack of foraging resources. City areas such as parkland have the potential to provide good foraging opportunities to pollinators if the right flowers are available. This talk will explore the flower preferences of different pollinators for not only native wildflowers, but also non-native cultivated flowers, and how both can provide ample resources to maintain pollinator biodiversity in this ever-growing urban world.