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1829 Talk: American Economic Concerns and the Paris Climate Agreement

Friday 24 January, 18.29pm-18.45pm

with Aislinn Baltas, Newcastle University

Despite analyses that show there are small net macroeconomic effects of climate policy in a highly diverse, large economy like the U.S., many people who oppose such policies protest that specific industries or regions will be negatively affected. To what extent does the American public agree with the COP21 Paris Climate Agreement? Why would they agree with President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the accords? At the epicentre of arguments against the agreement seem to be three main points: that this legislation will cause job loss, the United States will end up bearing too large of a financial burden than they should, and that China will benefit while the U.S. suffers economically because of the accords. Ergo, I hypothesize that most of America’s opposition to the Paris Climate Agreement is based on national economic concerns. I will give information pertaining to the Paris Climate Agreement and why people oppose the accords and test my hypothesis using an original survey, discussing the results and their implications.