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A call for North East nature writers...

9th July 2018

Maiden Pink - Chris Surtees

NHSN are looking for naturalists to highlight the beauty and diversity of life in the North East through a new series of Nature Notebook blogs on our website. With each columnist covering natural history on their own local patch in order to paint an evocative picture of life in our region.

The Natural History Society of Northumbria has always strived to inspire wonder in the natural world, and through our collections, activities, archive and library, highlight the wealth of life which thrives alongside us in the North East. We also understand the value of local patches: both as places at which to study, watch and enjoy wildlife but also as unique habitats in their own right – each subtly different to the rest and characterised by a distinct set of traits. We would like to showcase the wildlife of our region and the in-depth observations of those studying it; while also providing a resource for other naturalists to use and enjoy. By having as many people as possible write about the natural spectacles they experience while out and about up North.

We’re looking for regular writers to cover their favourite spaces in informal, diary-style posts complete with photos. With each writer covering the seasonal changes at their local site throughout the year, as well as any interesting sightings, odd occurrences, folklore or history. All with the aim of showcasing the wildlife of our region and the in-depth observations of those studying it; while simultaneously providing a resource for other naturalists to use and enjoy throughout the year. Each writer would be allocated a space on the NHSN website to serve as their own, personal nature journal, with all columns visible together to create written picture of nature across Northumberland, Tyne & Wear, and County Durham.

Whether you undertake your wildlife-watching at the coast, along the rugged cliffs of Howick or the undulating dunes of Cresswell, or inland, in one of our counties many esteemed woodlands. Whether you favour moorland, bog, wetland or even urban settings, we want to hear from you – and hope to have as many local patches as possible represented.

Nature writing has never been more popular and, whether you are a seasoned veteran capable of producing content on par with the renowned Guardian Country Diary, or a more casual blogger, we welcome all to share their sightings.  New blog posts will simply need to be emailed to our communications officer, alongside any photos, in order to be published. For more information, or to express your interest, please contact James Common at