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October 2020

My life in lockdown

21st October 2020

For NHSN member, Ann Chapman, lockdown led to a growing appreciation for some of the North East's most common, yet beautiful, wildflowers


Abundant acorns on the forest floor – is 2020 a mast year?

With autumn in full swing, naturalists across the North East are noticing an unusual abundance of seasonal fruits. Polly Stevens asks an important question: is 2020 a 'mast year'?


Embleton Quarry: a gem on the Northumberland Coast

15th October 2020

Fresh from her recent 1829 Talk, Ellie Coleman provides an introduction to Embleton Quarry Nature Reserve and the work which goes into protecting and improving this precious coastal site


A Beginner’s Guide to Observing Odonata

8th October 2020

Local naturalist, Mark Welfare, shares some top tips for observing dragonflies and damselflies


Shades of Green

For NHSN member, Mima Cattan, the experience of sensing and observing nature during lockdown brought a new dimension to her appreciation of the natural world


A Ringers Year: September 2020

Read the latest monthly update from ornithologist and bird ringer, Phil Hanmer