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April 2020

A Ringers Year: April 2020

30th April 2020

Discover the latest monthly update from ornithologist and bird ringer, Phil Hanmer


North East Bee Hunt Update

23rd April 2020

Charlotte Rankin provides an update on the North East Bee Hunt and your records over the past month


A closer look at three spring mining bees

22nd April 2020

Take a closer look at three species of Mining Bee that can be found in your garden


Introducing the Tawny Mining Bee

21st April 2020

An introduction to the first of your North East Bee Hunt target species: the Tawny Mining Bee


Five citizens science projects you can help with at home

20th April 2020

Make the most of your wildlife observations and discover five citizen science schemes you can help with at home


Supporting conservation across the North East

In 2020, NHSN is helping to make the North East a better place for nature by supporting a record number of grassroots conservation and research initiatives across the region.


Introducing the Ashy Mining Bee

15th April 2020

An introduction to the first of your North East Bee Hunt target species: the Ashy Mining Bee


Discover the Dark-edged Bee-fly

Charlotte Rankin provides an overview of the Dark-edged Bee-fly, the bee-fly species you are most likely to encounter in the North East.


Online Talk: Cocwudu – ancient woodlands in Northumberland

14th April 2020

Discover the forgotten evolution of a landscape as you take a tour of Northumberland's ancient woodlands with Max Adams


Online library: The wolf, bear and lynx in Durham and Northumberland

Discover the history the bear, wolf and lynx in North East England with local naturalist, Terry Coult