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2018 NHSN Lantern Fund Appeal

11th May 2018

We are very excited to share with you our new Lantern Fund Appeal for 2018 raising £4,000 to help local young people experience and learn about the nature in north east England.  We have already pledged £2,000 towards our target!

Young people are facing many barriers in getting close to nature.  You have been telling us at recent NHSN events that we should be doing more to help young people experience the natural world – and we agree! It was also the view of past NHSN Members when they welcomed young members and delivered Lantern lectures by candlelight to hundreds of children in the early 1890’s. More recently, our change of venue for winter talks has seen increasing numbers of young people learn about a whole range of natural history topics.

You may remember in 2017 NHSN worked with local children charities to help pay for young people to visit wild places in north east England. Some of these children had never before seen a forest, or been on a boat, or even seen the sea.  With our help they learned to enjoy and identify wildlife and gain confidence in the outdoors! We want to repeat this in 2018 and beyond so more local young people can experience and learn about north east nature.

NHSN will continue to work with children’s groups that are carefully selected to ensure money helps as many children as possible get outdoors and experience nature.

To help us continue this important work you can help in one or more ways.

Donate to our 2018 appeal (cheque / online). For example  £5           £10         £25         £50

NHSN has already got the ball rolling by committing £2,000 and have a target of £4000 to reach this year.  With your help we should be able to reach the target. Click here to visit our donations page.

Tell us what you think by sharing with us your reasons why you think this work is important. Please share your thoughts by emailing us at: or getting in touch via social media.

I hope you are able to help us with our 2018 appeal and thank you in advance for your continuing support.

Jonathan Hewitt
Chair of NHSN