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11 reasons to join NHSN this Winter

31st October 2018

Support Urban Wildlife

Your membership allows us to maintain and protect Gosforth Park Nature Reserve – one of the last unspoilt green space sites in Newcastle and home to an extraordinary wealth of wildlife. From cryptic Bitterns and rare orchids to badgers, otters, roe deer and a plethora of woodland birds. With your support, we are able keep the reserve in tip-top shape and our wildlife safe from development and disturbance. Simply put, your membership helps provide a home for nature in the heart of Newcastle.

Free access to Gosforth Park Nature Reserve

Whilst your membership helps protect Gosforth Park Nature Reserve, it also allows you to enjoy it. Join us to visit free, year-round from dusk till dawn, and to enjoy and discover an eclectic mix of habitats including wetland, reedbed, meadow and quaint woodland. Bring your camera, don your binoculars and get to know the wildlife that thrives in safety on your doorstep.

Free natural history events and field trips

NHSN members can attend any of our events and field-trips free of charge. Our outdoor events, led by friendly experts, cater to all experience levels and interests. We also run a busy schedule of indoor events – exploring natural history in the form of talks, classes and exhibitions in our home at the Great North Museum: Hancock. Whether you prefer to explore history in the NHSN archives, or experience wild spectacle first-hand in the field, we have something offer everyone.

Access to our education programme

Members are welcome to take part in our education courses and learn from our experts in the fields of ornithology, botany, entomology, astronomy, geology and more. From longer, weekly classes designed to broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge of natural history, to crash courses in wildlife identification, all are welcome to come along, socialise and learn something new.

Receive our publications

All NHSN members receive our triannual magazine, North East Nature: showcasing local wildlife and natural history from the people who know it best and covering all aspects of nature in our region. For the inquisitive, there is also an option to receive our biannual journal, Northumbrian Naturalist. One volume, Coastal Wildlife, provides an in-depth report of wildlife on the Northumberland coast and the other, a closer look and the wildlife (and people) that make the North East great.

Support our winter talks

Since our earliest days, NHSN has strived to make science accessible. Our Winter talks, held at Newcastle University, bring together experts from across the country – covering topics from myriad fields. Recent examples include the proposed reintroduction of Lynx to Northumberland, seabird monitoring on the Farne Islands and the rediscovery of Pine Martens in the North East. All are welcome to attend talks and with an incredibly diverse schedule, there is surely something to please everyone.

Explore and protect our ‘natural’ history

NHSN maintains the largest natural history archive and library in Northern England. Containing over 6,000 amazing artworks, photographs, letters, diaries, notebooks and other autograph material – all of which is available for study and enjoyment by our members. Your membership helps us safeguard this valuable resource and ensures that local history is maintained for future generations.

Help inspire the next generation of naturalists

We cannot hope to protect the natural world if the next generation are not inspired to do so too. Your membership allows us to continue our work with young people and student: including our support of student research projects and Lantern Fund grants scheme designed empower young people to stand up for nature. It also lets us continue our work with school groups and youth organisations to ensure that even the most disadvantaged young people have an opportunity to experience nature.

Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals

Membership opens new doorways to enjoy and conserve nature in the company of like-minded individuals. We’re a small group with an endless passion for the natural world, and whether you wish to get ‘stuck in’ and commit to practical volunteering at Gosforth Park Nature Reserve, or participate in our intrepid Mid-Week Botany Group, NHSN provides a place to enjoy natural history in fine company.

Show your support for North East Nature

NHSN’s conservation efforts are not limited solely to our work at Gosforth Park Nature Reserve. Your membership allows us to continue to take a stand for nature as part of the Tyne Kittiwake Partnership and advisory committees for Lindisfarne and Coquet Island. It allows us to continue bird ringing, so increase our knowledge of bird species in our region, and to continue to gather environmental records in coordination with ERIC North East. All in addition to small grants offered to conservation and research initiatives in the local area.

Membership includes your family too!

Perhaps the best thing about NHSN membership is that it is not restricted to you alone. Meaning that your family benefits too: from Gosforth Park Nature Reserve, field-trips, events, talks and all other aspects of your membership. Learning, exploration and adventure are much better in fine company, wouldn’t you agree?