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Online Talk: Bumblebees of North East England

26th March 2020

Discover the biology, ecology and future status of bumblebees in North East England


Online Library: The Beetles of Gosforth Nature Reserve

24th March 2020

Take a closer look at the beetle community of Gosforth Nature Reserve in this 2008 study by Martin Luff


Online talk: Plants Behaving Badly

20th March 2020

Join botanist, Chris Metherell, for a tour around some of the taxonomic terrors and sulky teenagers of the plant world


A daily dose of nature is important, now more than ever

18th March 2020

There is no escaping that the next few months are going to be difficult. As social distancing becomes the norm, it is important to look after ourselves and to seek […]


You won’t see an otter, you just won’t

16th March 2020

10 am on Saturday, the first Saturday without high wind for weeks, and I am visiting Washington Wetlands Centre for the first time in years. The viewing room is wonderfully […]


A fresh face at Gosforth Nature Reserve

4th March 2020

The importance of Gosforth Nature Reserve cannot be understated. Recognised for its biodiversity and scientific value, since 1929, the site has acted as a vital refuge for some of the […]


A Botanical Success Story at Gosforth Nature Reserve

3rd March 2020

Last year, on a day marked by blissful weather and the song of woodland birds, NHSN volunteers planted 2000 native wildflower plugs at Gosforth Nature Reserve. Supported by tools and […]


Book review: Darwin’s Camera, by Phillip Prodger

Darwin’s Camera: Art and Photography in the Theory of Evolution Phillip Prodger Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009 See library catalogue for details. This book is a really interesting read, looking […]


A Ringers Year: January 2020

4th February 2020

I have just returned from two weeks in the West African Country of The Gambia where I stayed with 12 other volunteers from the UK; at the Kartong Bird Observatory.  […]


Join the buzz around bumblebees in 2020

22nd January 2020

It’s hard not to admire bumblebees: they’re colourful, perform a vital function in the ecosystem and are sufficiently diverse to keep entomologists, expert and enthusiast alike, on their toes. To […]