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Northumbrian Naturalist Volume 83 (2017)

Edited by Dr Chris Redfern, Volume 83 of Northumbrian Naturalist can be downloaded here. You can also purchase a hard copy from the NHSN office, price £5. This edition contains the following papers:

Breeding season Water Rail survey at Gosforth Park Nature Reserve by JAMES LITTLEWOOD

New flatworm species recorded on Tunstall Hills, Sunderland by BARRY ROBINSON

John Emmerson Robson (1833-1907) A naturalist from Hartlepool – his magazines and his friends by R A BAKER and D S GILL.

An historical list of taxidermists of Berwickshire, Durham and Northumberland by LES JESSOP

Kathleen Bever Blackburn: A distinguished British botanist by ALAN L HART