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Our Summer 2020 Special Edition of North East Nature for you to enjoy at home

Celebrating 191 Years of NHSN

Shared as part of our 190th birthday celebrations but equally relevant one-year on, you can now trace the history of NHSN from 1829 to the present day by downloading our special anniversary booklet.

Journey through the decades and discover how a small group of nature enthusiasts intent on inspiring wonder created an organisation that would stand the test of time

Discover the history of NHSN

Summer 2020 Special Edition

Summer 2020 Special Edition

Your Summer 2020 Special Edition of North East Nature has been published in e-format (PDF). Highlights include:

  • A Beginners Guide to White Butterflies
  • Botany in Lockdown
  • News on the North East Bee Hunt
  • The Importance of Sea Ice for Arctic Terns

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