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The Caddis (Trichoptera) of Northumberland and Durham

Friday 1 March 2019.

With Ian Wallace

Caddis larvae are familiar to most people who have sampled aquatic insects and the larva’s ability to build protective cases is fascinating. The larvae are often used as indicators of water quality. The adults are frequently encountered by people using light traps, but otherwise are less well known, yet there are nearly 200 British and Irish species. 

Ian is from Newcastle and took his first and second degrees at Newcastle University.  He moved in 1974 to what is now entitled World Museum Liverpool, where he held various posts before retiring a few years ago.  His Research degree was on the taxonomy of caddis larvae and he has continued to work intensively with that group.  He has written standard identification keys to the UK caddis larvae and runs the UK caddis Recording Scheme which has amassed over 400,000 entries which are made available on the NBN Atlas website. 

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