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George Johnston and the Dredgers

Friday 8 March 2019.

With Professor Peter Davis

In the July 1855 issue of the Annals and Magazine of Natural History, the marine biologist Philip Henry Gosse named a species of sabellid worm Othonia johnstoni , stating ‘I have named this species after George Johnston, who may be called the father of our marine invertebrate zoology’.  Johnston (1797-1855) was indeed a figure of national significance; through his correspondence with notable scientists and his major taxonomic publications, Johnston influenced marine biology at a national level.  However, as a doctor based in Berwick upon Tweed, he also formed an active network of naturalists in Northumberland, having particularly strong links with those based in Newcastle, and with Joshua Alder and Albany Hancock in particular. Peter Davis will introduce us to George Johnston and to many former members of the Natural History Society of Northumbria who worked with him to promote an understanding of marine life.

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