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1829 Talk: Newcastle University's Greenland Expedition 2019

Friday 14 February 2020.

With Katie Berry, Anna Kalish, Anya Hawkins, Isaac Dawson, Hannah Cowie, Lucy McAdam, Newcastle University

Our expedition to Kangerlussuaq in West Greenland was a successful trip in which we collected data for our dissertations whilst experiencing the field first-hand. One team, based on the ice, collected data on the surface melt rates as well as surface ice properties. Another team was based along the ice margin, studying moraines, basal ice debris and the ice-dammed lake.

Whilst we did encounter some challenges in terms of our research and expedition logistics, we were able to overcome these which strengthened us as a team and as individuals. Whilst in Greenland, we had the pleasure of assisting researchers from Nottingham and Loughborough universities in collecting data for paleolimnology and biological oceanography projects. This was a fantastic learning experience and gave us true feel of what more advanced scientific research entailed.

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