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1829 Talk: Increasing children’s knowledge of nature through participation in the citizen science project MammalWeb

Friday 22 November 2019.

With Sammy Mason, Mammal Web

For children and teenagers, participating in ecological recording as part of a citizen science project may open up new opportunities to learn about, and connect with, the natural world around them. MammalWeb is a project that invites citizen scientists from across the UK to upload images from personal or borrowed camera traps. Citizen scientists then classify these images to create a database of mammal occurrence records. Throughout 2019, over 5,000 primary school children from almost 100 schools across northeast England are participating in MammalWeb. This talk will look at what, if any, positive impact being involved in MammalWeb has on school pupils, teachers, and parents. In particular focusing on their knowledge of UK mammals and connection to nature.

Watch the talk here

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