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Eco-toilet appeal

We want to install a new waterless and powerless eco-toilet at Gosforth Park Nature Reserve. The reserve does not have any toilet facilities and this is a significant barrier for schools wishing to visit for educational studies – it is also an issue for other visitors to the reserve as well!

The eco-toilet itself will form part of the educational offer to visiting schools (and other visitors) enabling them to learn about environmental issues such as water conservation and energy use and some of the new technological solutions to these problems.

We would like to purchase a Kazabaloo toilet (pictured) and employ a local contractor to install it next to the track that leads towards the hides. This will cost around £9,620. We are really delighted to have received grants from the Community Foundation (£6,620) and Newcastle Council (£1,000) towards this project and are now appealing for donations to pay for the remaining £2,000. Please help us if you can, every little really does help. You can give via the donations page on our website, text ELOO16£5 (to donate £5 via JusttextGiving) or send a cheque payable to Natural History Society of Northumbria. It would be great to install it this summer if we can raise the funds quickly.

The eco-toilet works by using the sun’s energy, which heats up a black metal chimney. This heat drives the composting process and dries out the waste. Eventually the waste becomes a useable compost and can be removed. This system requires no water and therefore helps to reduce our water use, nor does it require the use of expensive waste treatment works – and the end product could be used to grow food!

The added advantage for us is that the impact of the toilet on the nature reserve is minimal (it is only 5 metres squared).