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Welcome back: An evening of online talks from RSPB Coquet Island

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Date & Time

Date: Friday, 2 October 2020

Time: 7:00 pm - 7:45 pm

RSPB Coquet Island: The Story of Recovery

Online talk with Paul Morrison and David Kinchin-Smith

Situated off the Northumberland coast, Coquet Island is a vibrant seabird sanctuary is home to the UK’s only Roseate Tern breeding colony. It is also an important site for nesting puffins and Common, Sandwich and Arctic terns and hosts a team of dedicated RSPB staff who manage the island year-round with nature in mind.

Discover the story, management and inner workings of Coquet Island as you hear more about ongoing efforts to protect the island’s 40,000 breeding seabirds.

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An ecological framework for contextualizing Large Gull-Roseate Tern management conflict

Online talk with Ibrahim Alfarwi, Newcastle University

A complete understanding of predator-prey relationships relies on determining the dynamic stability of prey and predator populations, and how the food web containing predator-prey pairs responds to environmental influences and other indirect effects. This research investigates the main drives causing the change of frequency of Large Gulls (LG) predation activity over the Roseate Terns (RT) during the breeding season taking in consideration addressing the challenge of providing evidence showing the breeding LG contribution on this activity. The main dilemma in estimating the breeding LG predation pressure on RT colony on Coquet Island resulted from the presence of loafing LG in the intertidal area around the island and LG colonized the close Amble harbour, farms, and fields. Therefore, different indirect (Camera traps and LG pellets analysis) and direct (Observation over RT colony, LG marking with Coloured rings and tracking with GPS tags) methods were used to overcome this obstacle. This study suggests an approach fosters a conservation conflict solution combining maintaining the protected predator presence and protecting endangered prey species.

Ibrahim is a PhD student at Newcastle University, supervised by Dr. Chris Redfern and Dr. Richard Bevan.

Area of Research: The ecology and behaviour of seabirds; Foraging behaviour of seabirds; Biodiversity conservation and ecosystem management

Watch this special, two-part talk from the comfort of home on the NHSN Youtube Channel, premiering Friday 2 October from 7.00 pm.

Watch the talk here