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Tree Detectives: Key Stage 2

This activity makes children aware of different tree species and helps them to identify tree species based on their leaves, bark and seeds.

They will also learn about tree biology including how trees get energy, nutrients and water, why trees are so tall and how long they live for. They will also learn to measure and to extrapolate in order to estimate the size and age of trees.

Children will use ID charts to identify a number of different tree species, they will then use field techniques for estimating how tall and old a particular tree is.

This activity lasts around 30 minutes and works best if children are in supervised groups of 2-6.

Learning Outcomes/Curriculum Links

Science Curriculum: Working scientifically, Plants and Living Things & Their Habitats.

Maths Curriculum: Number Place & Value, Multiplication & Division and Measurement

English Curriculum: Spoken Language

This activity will help children to:

  • recognise that plants need light and water to grow.
  • recognise and name the leaf, stem and root of plants.
  • group living things according to observable similarities and differences.
  • find out about the different kinds of plants and animals in the local environment.
  • relate life processes to plants found in the local environment.
  • learn language associated with trees and plants.
  • learn how to take measurements.
  • learn how measurements can be extrapolated to estimate the size or age of something large or old.