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Owl & Vole: Key Stage 2

This fun, physical activity based on “tag” helps children to learn about the relationship between predators, prey and habitat, including food chains.

Tawny Owl chick at Gosforth Park © Mark Bowen

One group of children are designated as Owls and the rest are Voles. The Owls have to tag the Voles. The game is run several times and each time the number of Owls and Voles is changed so that the children begin to understand the relationship between the predator and the prey.

This activity lasts 10-20 minutes and works best with 15-35 children.

Learning Outcomes/Curriculum Links

Science Curriculum: Working Scientifically, Animals and Living Things & Their Habitats.

English Curriculum: Spoken Language

Owl & Vole will help children to:

  • understand food chains and feeding relationships in a habitat.
  • learn about how nearly all food chains start with a green plant.
  • learn about ways in which living things and the environment need protection.
  • relate life processes to animals and plants found in the local environment.
  • learn about ratios.
  • identify and name some of the different kinds of animals in their local environment and consider whether they are carnivores, herbivores or omnivores.
  • learn language associated with this subject.