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Conservation Projects for Schools & Youth Groups

Our nature reserve is managed largely by volunteers and we sometimes have tasks that can be carried out by a group of older school children (12+ years) or that could become a school project. Examples include reed bed management, meadow management and woodland management.

These tasks are physical activities that are a great way to introduce students and young peopleĀ to the concepts and realities of land management, citizenship and working outdoors, as well as giving something back to the environment and their community.

In most instances the nature of the work means that the group would have to be small and ideally less than 30 children. The work usually involves getting dirty and would require the children to wear wellington boots and clothes that can get muddy. There would also need to be a suitable level of supervision as they would be using hand tools.

The timing of the work is largely determined by nature, for example woodland management takes place during winter and reedbed and meadow management during early autumn.

Generally, conservation tasks would last 2-3 hours.

Every school or youth groupĀ and every conservation task is different so the best way to organise this with us is to give us a call on 0191 208 2790 (Mon-Fri, 9-5).