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Campaigns & responding to development

Development that is in the wrong place or badly designed can destroy habitats. One of our aims is to protect the flora and fauna of the North East and we will respond when we feel that a development should not be given permission.

Save Gosforth Wildlife protest at GPNR, Oct 2011 © Kaleel Zibe

We respond to Local Plans produced by local authorities in our area to try and ensure that habitats and wildlife are protected. Where necessary we will campaign against Local Plans that are damaging for wildlife.

With our limited resources we are not able to assess every planning application across the North East and make a response. However when we are made aware of planning applications that make us concerned we will respond in order to try and get the best deal for wildlife. This might mean objecting to a plan in order to try and stop it going ahead or it might mean trying to change the development so that wildlife is not so badly affected or that appropriate compensation is provided.

We work collaboratively with other conservation organisations in our region, such as the Wildlife Trusts. We also have a dialogue with officers working for the local authorities and with some of the developers. We believe that open communication at an early stage amongst all parties is the best way to find solutions that will minimise the impact of development on wildlife and the environment.

We rely on people to make us aware of planning applications and we need volunteers to help us respond to them. If you would like to help us with this work then please contact us.

You can follow the links below to see our responses to recent planning issues or get involved in campaigns: