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Towards 2029

Members, Volunteers, Staff and Trustees gather to celebrate NHSN's 190th Birthday

The next 10 years will be a critical time for the natural world and now, more than ever, there is a clear need to grow public support for and understanding of nature. With NHSN set to reach its 200th birthday in 2029, it is vital that we do more to make this a reality and evolve, just like nature itself. Towards 2029 has been an 18-month project benefitting from the essential engagement of members, supporters, partners, trustees, volunteers and staff.

Jonathan Hewitt, NHSN Chair

Your membership is helping good things happen in the North East.

You might already know about Towards 2029? With funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund, I had help in gaining the ideas and views of members about what NHSN should be doing for the next 10 years. In a nutshell, you said NHSN should inspire more people, and encourage a wider range of people to study and protect nature in the North East. You had lots of ideas too, and trustees, staff, volunteers and partner organisations were so excited by these that they quickly started making new things happen.

You wanted us to:

• Improve your experience at Gosforth Nature Reserve

• Develop your access to our natural history library and archive collections

• Give you more ways to study and protect nature in North East England

• Provide you with a busier and more varied programme of talks, field trips, courses and events

• Respond to your urgent call to engage more young people from a range of backgrounds to experience the amazing nature of the North East.

So, thank you. None of this can happen without your membership. You are part of a regional forum and community of like-minded people that value the study and protection of northeast nature.

If you would like to know more about Towards 2029, you can download a copy of our 10-year plan.

Clare Freeman, NHSN Director

Towards 2029 in a Nutshell

Our vision

Nature is protected, restored and celebrated through greater awareness, understanding and enjoyment by people in northeast England.

Our purpose

Our fundamental purpose remains unchanged since 1829: to study and protect nature. The history of NHSN contributes a significant legacy and contribution to UK natural history and as the nature conservation sector grows and evolves we must adapt our purpose to be relevant to the present day and the future.

Our values

 Inspiring (imaginative, curious, outward and relevant)
 Welcoming (inclusive, collaborative, sociable and nurturing)
 Knowledgeable (scientific, robust and reputable)
 Professional (responsive, supportive and respectful)

New activities for 2019 to 2022

 Establish new partnerships to increase the number of naturalists and reduce gaps in biological data in the North East.

 Gosforth Nature Reserve will gain a new welcome hut, teaching classroom, viewing hides and staff support. Our influence will extend beyond the current boundary into the wildlife corridor.
 We will continue our 1829 talks, Tuesday at the Hancock events and Young Naturalist Lantern Fund, and will have a regular presence in the Great North Museum: Hancock.
 We will form a new plan for the NHSN archive and library collection based on an assessment of significance, its potential and digital opportunities.
 We will launch a new activity to capture and share the North East’s social and cultural heritage about natural history.
 Two new advisory groups will be formed: one focused on nature conservation and the other on the social and cultural heritage of natural history.
 Plans for improvements to governance, volunteering and inclusion will be developed.

NHSN provide opportunities for my family to enjoy and learn about animals, birds & plants. Encountering other people who have more natural history knowledge widens ours and enriches our experience