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Prof. Peter Davis

Vice President

Peter is a member of Council and advises on issues to do with the Society’s collections.

His interests include ichthyology, marine biology, the history of collections, archives, collections management, palaeontology and museology.

Professionally, he holds and has held a number of positions:

  • Currently Emeritus Professor of Museology, Newcastle University
  • Associate Editor, Archives of Natural History
  • Series Editor, Heritage Matters
  • Previous Chairman of NHSN

“I joined the Society when working as Keeper of Natural History at Sunderland Museum (from 1975). My involvement with NHSN
increased when I was appointed Deputy Curator of the Hancock Museum in 1980, when I became more familiar with the history
of the Society, the scientific achievements of its members and the extraordinary quality of its collections. 
I suspect many members
are unaware of the richness and international importance of the material we hold, and we need to ensure the collections and
archives are better known to our members and valued and cared for with due respect.