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Staff, Trustees & Volunteers

Meet our team and find out who is responsible for our work.

We currently employ a Director (full-time), an Archivist (part-time), an Administrator (part-time) and, thanks to the support of the Heritage Lottery Fund, a Communications and Engagement Officer (full-time) and Administrative Assistant (part-time). Charlotte Rankin joined the NHSN team in 2020 as Project Officer (full-time). Our Reserve Warden is an unpaid role.

The majority of NHSN’s work is undertaken by dedicated NHSN members in a voluntary capacity. If you are interested in volunteering with NHSN, please see our volunteer opportunities page.

NHSN is governed by a Council of Trustees, who are all members of the Society and play an active role in its work. We have around 16 Trustees. Elections to our Council take place once a year at our Annual Meeting.

Staff and Trustees

Hazel Makepeace

Admin and Finance Officer


James Common

Communications & Engagement Officer


Sarah Seeley

Administrative Assistant


Charlotte Rankin

Project Officer


Paul Drummond

Reserve Warden (unpaid)



NHSN is grateful to our Trustees, who share their time and considerable expertise to oversee the strategic direction of NHSN.