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Falcons by Richard Sale

The latest publication in Collins New Naturalist Library is volume 132 and explores the natural history of falcons. Published in 2016.

Cover of Falcons, copyright William Collins.

The NHSN has a remarkable full set of the Collins New Naturalist Library.

The latest publication in this series explores the natural history of the four British breeding falcons – the Peregrine, Kestrel, Hobby and Marlin. It includes a comparative study of the distribution, behaviour and hunting techniques of the different species plus in depth chapters on each, exploring their form and breeding biology, beautifully illustrated throughout with colour photographs and infographics.

The book concludes with a chapter addressing the recent population history of the four falcons and considers the current position and threats of the species, before looking to the future. An excellent read for anyone interested in birds of prey or conservation.

This book is available to view in the Society library on the 2nd floor of the Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle (reference only).