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Visiting Gosforth Park Nature Reserve

Gosforth Park Nature Reserve is open to NHSN members. Non-members are also very welcome to visit by purchasing a day pass, and we hold an annual open day in the summer.

Bittern, GPNR © Keith Cochrane

In order to limit disturbance to wildlife on this sensitive reserve, it is only open to members of the Natural History Society of Northumbria and visitors with a day pass. Every year in late June/early July we hold a reserve open day to allow everyone, member and non-member, to explore and learn about the reserve and what we do there (click here for details).

The only entrance/exit to the reserve is through the garden of the cottage known as Lake Lodge, which belongs to the NHSN and is the home of our Warden. There is parking in Old Salter’s Lane near to the Lodge.

There are 3 wildlife hides in the reserve, which provide a great opportunity for visitors and photographers to watch birds and animals in their natural habitat without disturbing them. Download the reserve visitor leaflet for a map of the reserve, showing the hides and footpaths.

The NHSN regularly organises guided walks and activities at the reserve. Please click here to see what’s coming up.

The Ridley Hide © Jill Tate

How to get there

For directions to the reserve and how to get there, please click here.

Note to drivers: there are current road closures on the roads that lead from South Gosforth to the reserve, which look to be completed in July 2018. You can find out more information on Newcastle Council’s website here.

Some ‘dos’ and ‘don’ts’

Please keep to footpaths to avoid damaging the flora and always carry your membership card or day pass with you, or you may be asked to leave by one of our Wardens.

Dogs are not allowed in the reserve, even on leads.  The collection of any kind of plant or animal is forbidden. Please take only photographs and leave only footprints.


For details of facilities and hazards at the reserve, please click here. Paths and boardwalks can often be wet, muddy and slippery, so wear appropriate footwear and clothing and take care. Visitors with disabilities or access needs please click here for information.

Information Hut

The Information Hut is a small hut just past Lake Lodge inside the reserve entrance. The hut contains information about the NHSN, including a folder where you can record your wildlife sightings before you leave. This is also the best way to find out what wildlife has been seen recently, so it is good idea to check the sightings log before you head off into the reserve.

Information board and the Information Hut, GPNR © NHSN

Day Pass

Day passes are for non-members or groups who would like to make a single visit to the reserve. There are two ways to obtain a day pass: visit our office in the Great North Museum: Hancock, or at the reserve by paying a small fee in an envelope provided in the reserve’s Information Hut.

A day pass costs £3.50 per person aged 18 and over, and £1.00 per person aged under-18. Visiting groups must make a booking in advance through the NHSN office. The office is open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, and can be contacted by phone on 0191 208 2790 or email at

A hide key gives visitors access to the three hides and the eco-loo, which are kept locked. Hide keys can be hired from the office for a deposit of £30, which will be refunded on return of the key to the office.

If you encounter any problems at the reserve, please report them to the Warden in Lake Lodge or contact the NHSN office on 0191 208 2790.