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Gosforth Park Nature Reserve

One of the best wildlife watching sites in Newcastle and Tyne & Wear, this private nature reserve is important for its rare fauna and flora.

Kingfisher at Gosforth Park © Keith Cochrane

The Society has managed Gosforth Park Nature Reserve since 1929. This beautiful 1km x 1km wildlife refuge in the north of Newcastle has a shallow lake, extensive reed bed, mixed woodland and is a tranquil oasis from the city. The reserve is scientifically important for its uncommon flora and fauna, which includes Bittern, Kingfisher, Otter, Red Squirrel, Coral-root Orchid and Purple Hairstreak Butterfly.

The reserve has hides and boardwalks that enable visitors to view waterfowl, waders and reed bed birds at one of the best bird watching sites in the Newcastle area. Woodland trails and a feeding station provide an opportunity to see a wide range of woodland birds, mammals and flowers. There is also a small wildflower meadow. The reserve has a population of Roe Deer, Red Squirrel, Fox and Badger and if you are lucky you might see an Otter.

You can find out more about the reserve through the links below:

Visiting Gosforth Park Nature Reserve

On this page you can find information about visiting the nature reserve.


Gosforth Park Wildlife

Gosforth Park Nature Reserve is one of the best places to see wildlife in Newcastle and Tyne & Wear. On this page you can find out about some of the reserve’s wildlife.


Save Gosforth wildlife

Find out about the Save Gosforth Wildlife campaign and help us to protect Gosforth Park Nature Reserve and its wildlife from being surrounded by development.


Conservation work

How we care for the nature reserve and improve habitats for wildlife.


Images, photos & film

Enjoy this collection of photos and videos of the flora and fauna of Gosforth Park Nature Reserve which have been sent to us by Society members.


Gosforth Park Nature Reserve Open Day

Once a year we open the reserve to the public. Our next open day will be on 15 July 2017.