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Northumberland’s Birds

£12.00 + £2.00 P&P

Compiled by Bryan Galloway and Eric Meek with illustrations by James Alder. (1978-1983) NHSN Transactions Volume 44

Published in 3 volumes,(vol.1 51 pages, vol.2 63 pages, vol.3 82 pages). This beautifully illustrated work was written as new and up-to-date, long overdue since the publication of Bolams’ The Birds of Northumberland and the Easters Borders (1912). With an introduction covering geology, land-use history, bird reports and bird ringing it provided then a complete picture of every species  known to occur in Northumberland.

Copies are available at £5 a volume (plus £1.50 p&p) or £12 for all 3 volumes (plus £2 p&p). Copies can be collected from the NHSN free of p&p charges.